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Image by Augustine Wong

What is fiberglass gel?



Fiberglass gels have been enjoying increasing popularity in nail salons for several years. Here we tell you why.


Questions you have probably asked yourself before:

  • What is the advantage of fiberglass gel over other build-up gels?

  • For which customers is an application advisable?



  • What is the

Collection special?



What is fiberglass gel?

A fiberglass gel is a build-up or modeling gel to which tiny glass fibers are added during production. These fibers have been shown to reinforce the gel structure of the artificial fingernail. After hardening, a nail modeled with fiberglass gel reaches a hardness that is otherwise only known from acrylic nails. But caution is still required. There are also products on the market that the manufacturer calls "fiberglass gel", but in reality does not contain any fibers. For this reason, it is advisable to check with the supplier before buying a new product whether his fiberglass gel is actually a fiber-reinforced product. All fiberglass gels from our range are of course fiber-reinforced.



Who do I use fiberglass gel for?

Even if you can model very thin and unbreakable nails with fiberglass, the use of a fiber-reinforced modeling product is not always sensible. It is therefore important for the nail designer or nail stylist to carry out a precise analysis beforehand in order to then decide whether or not to use the fiberglass gel.


Reasons for modeling with fiberglass gel:

  • Extensions via tip or template, especially for shapes with a pronounced tunnel (e.g. New Style)

  • Customers with stable and hard natural nails

  • Customers with heavily used nails

  • Nails to be pinned

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