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Become an advertising partner

Why are we doing this?

Doriana has been active in recommendation marketing (network marketing) for many years and has not only built up a second mainstay, but also generated an income in addition to training or the nail salon.


With the participation of bloggers and influencers in today's social media age, more new customers and revenues can be generated.

Of course, these influencers should be paid for this.

What exactly do I get?

The start as an advertising partner is completely free for you.

After all, you recommend us with a clear conscience. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use the service and products yourself before you recommend them to others.

Whether you only act as an influencer on social media or actively want to write blog posts at is entirely up to you.

Your remuneration based on your sales for the shop:

Advertising partners = advertising partners (everyone) = 10%

Bonus Level & Multilevel Marketing will be available from October 1st, 2020.

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